Azalea Hill Nursery, Inc.
"Azalea Specialists"

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About US
Azalea Hill Nursery is located at 285 NE 58th Ave Ocala, Fl 34470, which is 2 miles south of Silver Springs, off State Road 35.  We have been growing quality azaleas specifically designed for Southeastern landscapes for over 30 years.  You can contact us at:  (352) 236-2333 or email 

Our History:

In the summer of 1981, Robert Dickey started Dickey's Nursery in Ocala, Fl, a small woody onamental nursery less than an acre in size.  It was originally meant to be a hobby for Mr. Dickey who was retiring from the insurance business.  The nursery grew to around 2 acres when Mr. Dickey passed away unexpectedly in February of 1986.  Mr. Dickey's son, Scott, put his college education on hold to help his Mom get the nursery affairs in order.  In September of 1986 Dickey's Azalea Hill Nursery was formed as a partnership with Scott and his mother.  Scott began the task of managing the debt while slowly expanding the nursery.  In 1994, he purchased his Mom's share of the business, and in 2006 Azalea Hill Nursery, Inc. was formed.

In the early years the nursery produced many types of woody ornamentals but it was azaleas that motivated and challenged Scott, so he soon made a decision to specialize and expand his azalea production.  The nursery does produce a few other woody ornamental plants but azaleas are still the specialty and accounts for over 75% of the annual crop.  Scott continues to operate the nursery today.  

Azalea Hill Nursery sits on 5 acres of land and has over 120,000 square feet of heated and irrigated shade structures and produces over 100,000 azaleas that are sold annually.

The nursery business, like other businesses, has seen a lot of changes over the past three decades.  Many challenges are ahead, but Azalea Hill Nursery is determined to continue to produce high quality azaleas so that future generations may enjoy the majesty of this "Old Southern Favorite".

Dedicated to the memory of Mom and Dad
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Dickey

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